Friday, 31 August 2012

Koro Description

Introducing Koro,

He is a nice wise man who has lived a joyful life.  He even has a nice decorated shed with a great van. He’s like a grandfather and a father to us. He looks like a young man who is currently at the age of twenty one years of age.

I can remember when he always used to say to me “Pick up the rubbish!” I listened to him because it felt like my dad talking to me. I love him so much. Every time I say “Hello” he smiles as if he were my real Koro.

He likes our Kapa Haka singing and will always visit the seniors in the hall while we have Kapa Haka practice. It was at the time when I was singing “Tui-tui-tui-tua---.”

He has done a lot for the school. He mows the lawn for us and does the breakfast club incase the Ngapera family isn’t at school in the morning. He looks after young students and teachers (teacher aides too).

Sometimes he doesn’t like the rubbish some people throw onto the ground. Koro also doesn’t like people talking but to him (those are only the bad kids).

He’s special to us because, we love the Maori culture and because we are a Maori school. He has done so much for and we can’t ask for any more as he has done everything perfectly.

Love from Richmond and Loni

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