Friday, 30 March 2012

How Special I am

This term people have thought about me and other people in my class.They have thought about special things about me.
In the future I can look at this again and think how special I am.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Amazing Artistic Nigel Brown

Did you know, in Nigel Browns childhood he spent a lot of time in a packing shed? This is because he grew up in a farm in Invercargall.
And he is now a famous New Zealand artist.

Have you heard that he has graduated the University of Auckland at Elam school of fine arts?
Earlier in his life he was inspired with expressionism(emotional inspired)from Gareth Tapper and he was influenced from a very famous artist Colin McCahon which he studied for three years.

In some of his art he uses really good signs and symbols,for example putting a circle on top of a square and making a snow man or toaster.He also uses shapes,numbers and letters.

One of Nigel Browns artworks is named N-Brown. It is a portrait of someone sitting inside a kitchen.

Are you aware that he has been influenced by Phillip Clairmont in doing wood cutting?
He has exhibited and extended(Getting involved in what he does like attending things more) in public and private galleries around New Zealand.