Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Prediction Key

Prediction Key

What could this be?It could be lightning because it is crooked and is blue.
It could also be cardboard tied up to a piece of string.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Teaching Room 4 Netbook Skills

Here is Me and My Partner Daimai. I am teaching him new skills like how to
scroll down and how to teach him how to learn new short cuts.
This is really cool because the get to learn new things.

Energy Video Post

We are learning about Energy.
Here is a blog post to fill you in about my 

Energy Vocabulary Presentation

6 Hats Current Events T4W1

Narrative Story T4W1

You’re probably wondering why I’m climbing a ladder with a breath case in one hand.
It’s because I’m going to walk on a tight rope that goes from here all the way to sky-city, even to the top of the sky-tower. Sometimes people have to make risks for themselves and I’m one of them. Right now I’m just a normal New-Zealand citizen, with no job and I live in the streets, because guess what. . .

“I’m a homo."

Once I do this trick I’ll be remembered for ever. “I’ll be in the NZ history.”
But if I die, I just die.

In my life I’ve been suffering because of NO foods and absolutely NO water.
I’ve been eating out of the garbage bin. So. . .

“Curse Sam.”

I am ready to face my fear from dieing and plus I hope I get to be famous at the end of this day.
As I made my way onto the rope I carefully balanced and concentrated and slowly moved like a turtle. The turtle did tiptoe on a 2,000 metre rope and walked over Sams house and over others too.

I finally got through and I was almost there I couldn't wait to get there as people were cheering for me.
I was at least three or more metres away, I rapidly change my speed and went faster.
I finally made it.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Team Building

Today I did some team building with some of fellow classmates.
We tried to untangle ourselves by holding hands and to try to untangle from there.
We learnt that with teamwork we can accomplish anything.
The boys team tried our very best and even when the game was over we were still trying our best to get out.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012