Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

I am a year 6 student and have just completed my second year with my net book. This is my 2012 reflection.

The positives I experienced this year include learning, creating and sharing. I learnt short cuts
e.g Ctrl + Alt +  I . This is for researching on a document. Another one is that we got to explore the web and share our work to the world.

Some negatives that occurred this year were sounds of the net books could not work and cameras too.
The fact that there were viruses no one downloaded any.

It was really interesting that the technicians in our room could re-image our net-books for safety lock away in the holidays.

Next year I'd like to learn how to learn even more challenging short cuts on my net book.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Technology Of The Future

This is the future of technology that could be used in our days too.
But mostly in the future.
So I hope you enjoy this slide-show of the new and efficiently version of the I Pad.
P.S: You control it with your pupils.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Mechanical Kids

Today my teacher Miss Kyla gave me and my friends a thing called "Brain Box" we tried and experimented and also tried to create things as a mechanic.

Monday, 26 November 2012


Athletics  Hyperboles

Welcome to athletics where pupils race to beat their pace.
They are so quick that they are even faster than the speed of light.
They do it to fight as a true knight, to protect their rights of their house group.

We throw our soft balls really far, if you go to the creek you would still see the ball reek.

Kids getting ready to shot put and spin their heads off until they throw their Discus far. At the end of the day we stop and we play and have a beauty sleep. We wouldn’t wake up until 1,000 years later.

Tally Chart

Favourite DrinksTallyFrequency
Lipton Ice Tea11
RaspBerry Drinks22
apple Juice11
I have investigated and asked people in Room 8 on what there favourite drink is.

Column Graph

I have done a spreadsheet on a column graph. It is about what Room 8's favourite sports really are.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Saving Energy Persuasive

It is good to save energy?

What is climate change? Are we doing the damage?
Energy can do amazing things, but we have to make sure we DO NOT cause global warming.

I believe and truly know that you should save energy by turning off all appliances at the wall to reduce at a estimation of at least 7.5% of your money. Are you aware that if you save energy by turning off all the tvs in your home.  It won’t cost you much to pay your bills, and you might get to go to your favourite place in the world.

Energy is really great but everyday there’s too much Co2 getting realised and put into the air, which could cause climate change. For example:
e.g In South Antarctica their snow and ice will all melt down, but that usually doesn’t happen. Using usual transport, like cars, trucks, vans and many more can be STOPPED because it puts out to many Co2 into the air, which could cause global warming. You could STOP it by using public transport like buses or catch a ride with your family or friends.
By 2015 ICE HOTEL will be using more energy and electricity more than they used to. This means they are Co2 negative.

Now you see why energy is a good and amazing thing, but we have to make sure we DO NOT cause global warming or Climate Change.
So I recommend that you try your best to save energy and it could change your life, like it has changed mine.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Buddy Work With Room 3

Ngatokorua designed a car that could only run on Solar energy(the sun) named Swagger Jagger .

I really enjoyed designing our own solar panelled cars with Ngatokorua.
We both named our cars that could only run in the sun "Swagger Jagger."

Friday, 2 November 2012

Prediction Key

Prediction Key

What could this be?It could be lightning because it is crooked and is blue.
It could also be cardboard tied up to a piece of string.

Static Electricity

Energy Sources Presentation

Tukutuku Panel Design

This is my Tukutuku Panel, that I have designed. The big tree represents Tane-Mahuta and the blue oceans represent tangaroa for the sea.
I have also put a huge rainbow on the top two corners to represent love for the valleys and people.