Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My Beautiful Place

Far beyond the edge of the world is my beautiful place. In my beautiful place there are lots of clouds. It is a party on a Halloween night, but just not an ordinary night... a night with a sun. This beautiful place is somewhere just where the clouds are. There are also fireworks and last, there is a warm fire. This beautiful place feels very hot. I shell let you guess what my beautiful place is right after you read this.

In my beautiful place I can see...candy falling down as if it was going to rain in this beautiful place. I can see heaps of flames coming out of a rocket booster,but this rocket booster is coming from a robot with an axe. I can see a chorister conducting a lullaby.This chorister waves his hands as slow as a turtle. I can also see fireworks. I can see some chocolate on the biggest table in the world. And on the table it has. . .Butter-chicken, Ice cream, Ice blocks, Chocolate, Donuts which are chocolate flavour, cookies and pizza.

In my beautiful place I can taste...I can taste candy-floss that feels as soft as a cloud. I can also taste ice blocks as could as a refrigerator. I can also taste sandwiches. I can taste chocolate donuts. I can also taste Butter chicken.I can also taste junk food like Pizza, Ice cream, Butter chicken, Chocolate and a hot chocolate.

In my beautiful place I can hear...A lullaby being singed by a group of heaven. This lullaby controls everything. That's because it controlled the the rocket booster of a robot. That is why I can hear the rocket boosters so loud it blows my ears out! I can also hear an axe chopping a nice warm pumpkin ready to eat. The controller was a human and it was a robot.

In my beautiful place I can fell...I can feel the warmth of a fire. I can also feel the soft candy floss which is the clouds. I can feel the fresh air. I can also feel the breeze of the wind. I can feel soft clouds under my body that you can eat. I can even feel the warmth of the sun which makes it so hot every person feels like they are in a desert.

Would you dare to came here?

Have you guessed what my beautiful place is yet?