Friday, 31 August 2012

Koro Description

Introducing Koro,

He is a nice wise man who has lived a joyful life.  He even has a nice decorated shed with a great van. He’s like a grandfather and a father to us. He looks like a young man who is currently at the age of twenty one years of age.

I can remember when he always used to say to me “Pick up the rubbish!” I listened to him because it felt like my dad talking to me. I love him so much. Every time I say “Hello” he smiles as if he were my real Koro.

He likes our Kapa Haka singing and will always visit the seniors in the hall while we have Kapa Haka practice. It was at the time when I was singing “Tui-tui-tui-tua---.”

He has done a lot for the school. He mows the lawn for us and does the breakfast club incase the Ngapera family isn’t at school in the morning. He looks after young students and teachers (teacher aides too).

Sometimes he doesn’t like the rubbish some people throw onto the ground. Koro also doesn’t like people talking but to him (those are only the bad kids).

He’s special to us because, we love the Maori culture and because we are a Maori school. He has done so much for and we can’t ask for any more as he has done everything perfectly.

Love from Richmond and Loni

Alphabet Key T3W7

Alphabet Key

Food scraps
Hydro Energy
Muscular Energy
Rock melon
Solar Energy
Xy Gaim

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Observation Report

I am investigating about leaf functions and will study about which plant dies first with my science group.

On the 10th of August, I gathered a large cup, soil and a tiny plastic bag and also a lamp. The teacher and I carefully poured the soil into my cup and planted the seed inside, so I WOULDN’T let anything fall on the carpet. It felt amazing. I then poured water in the cup.
I then carefully plugged the wire into the power point. Wiremu and I wrapped a piece of plastic onto a leaf. My science investigation group then observed.

The first day of observing the plant I noticed that it had not had any change so I waited the next day for any changes.
I then waited and looked at the plant and saw a leaf with no plastic bag on and it was wilting. One day later one of the plants died because it had been getting burnt. I think the plant with a bag on it had been blocked from the lamp’s light.

I have learnt that it is better to put a plastic bag on your plants because it won’t get burnt but will still have some sunlight
It is maybe NOT a good idea to use a lamp to grow your plants.I have learnt that it is better to put a plastic cover on your plants because it helps to keep them moist and warm. Maybe that is what a greenhouse is for.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Day 2 Observations

Future Questions

I think the leaf in the plastic bag is better because it is always away from the burning of the lamp.

The leaf with no plastic bag is NOT getting better because it has the wrong kind of light and it has been being burnt over the past few days.

I also noticed that the leafs on my plant is starting to wilt but some are already wilted.

Here are some Images of my science groups plants.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Banana's Follow Up Task

This week the Bananas group has been learning about inference.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Day 1 Observations

    Future Questions   
Today I observed. . .
I wonder. . .

Will the plant die even more if we put more water and more light from the lamp?
Will the plant die if we put more water and more light from the lamp and if we wait for at least 4 days?

I wonder if the plant is dead from the lamp if we put it into a bowl of food coloring, will it still change color or not?

There was a change because the leave on a plant had nothing on it  and died earlier than the one with a plastic bag on it.
I think the one with the plastic bag had no air and sunlight. But the one with no bag on died because it got burnt because of the lamp.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Science Investigation T3

 I have been studying about photosynthesis this term. I have been doing a experiment on which plant dies first. One has a plastic bag on and one doesn't
Here are some photos of my experiment.

Basic Facts Speed Test

This is my basic facts speed test scores in this term so far.
I hope I can try and get better scores next time.

Popplet Display About Compost

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Fraction Challenge

I am learning about fractions. Can you work out what fraction or shapes that I created on 
TuxPaint, that are shaded ?

Friday, 3 August 2012

Richmond & Wiremu's Narrative Story

One hot sizzling Summers day, there lived a young lad named Shaun Johnson. This mature man is a sporty, kind and swift person. Every morning he would start with a slow pace and develop going faster in his jog.
He would usually pass a small Pohutukawa tree just grown last year by a six year old boy, named Jacob . Right next to a famous Kauri tree there he lived inside a paru Camper Van.

Suddenly. . .

There arrived a vicious man that was anxious to cut that small boys tree down.
He was wearing a black and white singlet, with some broken old paru flip-flops. He was holding a large chain saw very aggressively, he got ready to yank the chain to start the engine.

Ten seconds later. . .

I flew down and stung the man who was trying to cut the tree down.
“Yee-how my bum’s been stung.”
What a relief. I felt like a hero. I wondered if I could do that for every person  even though I was  still in pain.

Be brave and help others.