Friday, 20 July 2012

Chunk Of The Week


My Recount

WOW I had the coolest holidays ever! ! ! !  
I went to my Rugby game on the weekends just before term 3 starts.

We played in the mud at my home club. My dad helped us do some warm ups before the game.
After we’ve only lost one game, drawn two, won sixteen. We have made a good start to the season. But we are up against legendary boys. We have lost to them every year and have always come second, 5 times in a row on the leaderboard.

After we had begun the game, our halfback scored our first try. The score was 5-nil. The Vultures had scored 4 times after a painful time and the half time whistle blew. I felt very tired by then.

But the score was 5 - 20. They were ahead of us by 15 points.  It was then after half time and the second half was coming up. . .

We had a small talk with the coach of my team and he was definitely angry at us for getting thrashed in the first half.  My coach screamed  “Get your butts inside that field and wake up, wake up now!”

It was time, for the second half. I thought that we would lose this game and have 2 lost games in the whole season before we would even have a chance of getting to the semi finals.

We scored 3 more times and the score was 20 - 20 (twenty all).
It was almost full time and I felt very anxious to win this game. I was the only one in the team who had the most experience in rugby. So it was time . . .

We were in the very last seconds of the game and we just kept throwing the ball around so we wouldn't lose the ball or get tackled. . .
When it fell into my hands, I ran as the audience shouted with a count down. 10 , 9 , 8... With only 8 seconds left I ran my hardest and passed the ball for no reason. . .

I saw my friend run with the ball  he ran hard. At that time I knew we were going to draw.
Then suddenly my friend almost made it to the line. I woke up and zoomed to him. I  used my shoulders to push him  with all my power  as it began to become a maull and we finally scored. We  had won in the last second. I shouted “Yeah buddy! We’ve won the game!”  What a relief.

That day I learnt to be consistent in every magical time that we won against the team that was coming 1st on the leaderboard.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My Reading Goals

My Reading goals for Term 3 are . . .

  • Make use of  my Prior knowledge.  This means asking  "What do I already know about the topic?"
  •  Respond using evidence from the text.  This means not guessing. It means using information from the text.